OK so this is easy ... any sailor that's been to the Caribbean knows the Ti'Punch!

It's pronounced as "tee paunch" it means small punch.

Our Old Gang Spiced Rum works so well.

But what is the secret?

Use a decent amount of ice in a old fashioned glass and judge how sweet your 'client' would like.

Keep your Rum in the fridge.

Which mixer?

Cane sugar syrup can be bought, Clément Sirop Sucre de Canne, or made from equal volume of cane sugar and boiling water mixed.

Squeeze of fresh lime from a slice of lime.

How to garnish?

Slice of lime works well if you want to bring the citrus out.


50ml (or so) Old Gang Spiced Rum

7.5ml Clément Sirop Sucre de Canne


Put an ice sphere (or a reasonable amount cubes) in an old fashioned glass add Rum and stir in syrup.

Squeeze the slice of lime into glass before dropping in.

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