Spirit of Swaledale GIN’s
Hand-crafted in
where botanicals grow

Whilst standing by our still in Upper Swaledale at over 1,000ft, through the window, you can see one of the largest expanses of wild juniper in the UK.

It’s no surprise we hand-craft our gin with a forward juniper flavour.

We add a classical coriander quintessence and we love our citrus edge.

After that our Gin’s are typically Yorkshire and are not shy with flavour, they are not going to disappear in the mix.


I can safely say Moorland and Hedgerow are amongst the best craft gins I’ve tasted and the Moorland as a G&T is my favourite. Gins often lose their flavour when mixed but not this one.

However two thirds of my customers seem to go for a pink gin nowadays and Hedgerow is perfect. It has a perfect mix of colour and distinct fruit flavouring.

Apparently being a cheap lager drinker doesn’t make me a man of taste!

But I do like a pink gin and these guys have got it nailed.

Ken Whitehead, Farmer

I am part of gin club so I was amazed when a distillery popped up down the road – just try the pink, whilst you taste the raspberries the other fruits, I suspect the rose hips, give an amazing flavour.

The Moorland packs floral and herby punch and in a G&T it is fantastic – add some cucumber!

Katharine Tranter, Keld

Being a Scotsman I think gin is for Sassenach’s

… but just to shut Tickle up I gave it a try and *%!@ me you can taste the moor!

Garry Shepherd, Gamekeeper

Swaledale Botanicals


Traditionally Heather has been used medicinally in herbal teas. It is abundant on the moors which surround us and add a slightly sweet floral flavour.


Meadowsweet is one of those unique flavors which you’re unlikely to encounter much outside of gin. Owing its distinctive aroma primarily to coumarin, the essential oil which has a sweet, almond, hay and vanilla aroma.

Rowan Berries

The Rowan berry adds some sweetness to gin along with some slightly bitter, astringent tones.


Thyme has a similar effect in the mouth as the citrus peels; it brings a heat. Unlike citrus peels, thyme lacks any fresh, breezy zestiness, instead bringing a sharp, savoury herbal note. It’s a very nose-resident botanical, which is sweet in the attack and dry in the finish.

Rose Hip

Rose hips are the fruit of the rose plant and form after successful pollination of the flowers.  They have many uses in food, for ornamental value and in medicines due to their high vitamin C content.  They have a delightfully light, sweet flavour.

Bilberry Leaves

Heather and bilberries are found together on the moors and have been used in teas for centuries. They add a woody / herbal flavour.