The Swaledale Martini

A Martini seems so easy but is it?

Our Moorland Gin is ideal for a Martini with its great flavour.

If only James Bond had known he'd have had less Vodka Martini's!

But what is the secret?

Use a decent amount of ice in a cocktail mixer. Stop worrying about how much Lillet Blanc (or Noilly Prat) as you just coat the ice and then throw it away.

Obviously shaken not stirred.

Keep your Gin and Lillet in the fridge.

Which mixer?

So you think vermouth is the key? Vermouth's are based on wine, fortified up to 19 percent alcohol and aromatized with herbs and spices (critically wormwood). Lillet is often seen as a vermouth but it doesn't contain wormwood.

How to garnish?

Well a twist of lemon if you want to be James Bond (a Vesper) or add three olives stuffed with blue swaledale cheese (a Clarty).


75ml Moorland Gin

25ml Lillet Blanc (or Noilly Prat)


Add the Lillet Blanc (or Noilly Prat) to a cocktail shaker full of ice and shake. Tip away the Lillet then add your Moorland Gin shake again and pour into cocktail glass.

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