Swaledale Gin & Tonic

A G&T seems so easy but is it?

Our Moorland Gin is ideal for a brilliant Gin & Tonic with its great flavour.

But what is the secret?

Use a decent amount of ice in a Copa-style glass. No that ice doesn't dilute your G&T ... well as long as you drink it over a reasonable time frame! More ice ... less dilution.

Keep your gin and the tonic in the fridge.

Which tonic?

Obviously slimline but then Schweppes or Fever Tree Mediterranean (Fever Tree Indian Tonic adds a great bitterness that some love).

Keep your tonic in the 150ml cans, guaranteed fizz.

How to garnish?

A sprig of rosemary or lavender build on the floral/herbacous flavours. But a slice of orange works well if you want to bring the citrus out.


50ml (or so) Moorland Gin

150ml Diet Tonic (Schweppes or Fever Tree Mediterranean)


Fill a copa glass with lots of ice and pour over gin. Add the tonic water and garnish. Stir.

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