Why Swaledale?

Whilst standing by our still in Upper Swaledale at over 1,000ft, through the window, you can see one of the largest expanses of wild juniper in the UK.

It’s no surprise we hand-craft our gin with a forward juniper flavour.

We add a classical coriander quintessence, and we love our citrus edge.

After that our Gin’s are typically Yorkshire and are not shy with flavour, they are not going to disappear in the mix.

Upper Swaledale is beautiful green mountainous area with deep gorges, countless waterfalls, large heather moorlands, stone walls and many Cow’uses (stone barns) the distillery is in one of these ancient barns.

The landscape is full of flowers, birds, deer and of course Swaledale Sheep.

The inspiration for the ingredients of our Gin’s came whilst working on the moors. The flavours are from the landscape surrounding us, from the moorland and from the hedgerows.

Please see each product for their recipe but for example we use heather, bilberry leaves, meadowsweet, thyme, rowan berries and rose hips.

Reading a book on Lead Mines of Swaledale, which have been here from Roman times, led to the inspiration of making Rum. Whilst we can’t claim the flavours are of the dale in our Rum, the production method is inspired by the smugglers of Robin’s Hood Bay and of course the lead miners of Swaledale were one of their biggest customers!

Juniper bush across valley from Spirit of Swaledale  distillery
Juniper bush across valley from Spirit of Swaledale distillery

Our production ethos

We are not just artisans!

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