Old Gang Spiced Rum


Smooth dark spice – amazing rich developing flavours. This authentically produced in a hand crafted small batch process with no colouring and additives. We don’t chill filter leaving a great mouthfeel from the oils of the fruit, coconut and carob pods.

ABV: 40% VOL: 70cl

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Our Rum is spiced in a Gin-like fashion with ginger, cassia bark, pomegranate seed, nutmeg, black pepper, cardamon, vanilla, all spice and star anise. Its great mouthfeel comes from the oils from pineapple & orange peel, coconut shavings and carob pods.

It is finished with home produced Yorkshire oak shavings toasted to perfection then a little singeing before adding to the Rum – no colouring or additives!

ABV: 40% VOL: 70cl
The Nose
Big bold vanilla, ginger, chocolate, pineapple with a hint of nutmeg, star anise and cinnamon.
The Palate
Silky spicy orange and pineapple developing rich warming complex pepper and spices.
The Finish
Satisfying warm glow and a long lasting mouthfeel with vanilla plus light aniseed notes.

The origins of this Rum name comes from the Old Gang Lead Mine above Swaledale. Whilst Swaledale is seen as a farming community this developed to support the large workforce from the Lead Mines which made our dale. Our local village, Keld, had 6,000 people in 19C there are now 16! Most mines were opened with a toast with Rum “A health to all miners and maintainers of mines” – ‘Old Gang’ was one such mine.

After hard days miners sought the solace of Rum which was smuggled from the Caribbean through the coast around Robin Hood’s Bay. Much of this smuggled Rum was ‘enhanced’ with local moonshine and plum juice. Very little of the original Caribbean Rum was in the Yorkshire ‘Rum’ - apparently, all the better for it.

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