A discounted bundle of our Hedgerow Pink Gin and our amazing Beanie Hat.

Hedgerow Gin

Our Hedgerow Gin is a proper Yorkshire Pink blend – whatever one of those is! We have utilised fruits which can be seen in the hedgerows surrounding us – rosehip, rowan berries and raspberries to which we add water from the springs that abound. Just to add a bit of spice we also use pink peppercorns, nutmeg and ginger.

ABV: 40% VOL: 70cl

The Nose

Fruity juniper with raspberry dominance and a hint of rosehip.

The Palate

Starting spicy juniper with developing raspberry and complex red fruits.

The Finish

Spicy red fruits with lingering juniper.

Swaledale Beanie Hat

Made from undyed Swaledale wool, natures high performance, fully renewable fabric. Specially for you it has a hint of ‘odeur de Swaledale mouton’. Creatively we have added a knitted interior layer which is heather coloured man-made wool that prevents itch, ‘sans odeur’ and moves heat and sweat away from your head.

The two layer approach is stretchy ribbed (for your pleasure) and its construction ensures it’s a true one size fits all. In addition the two layers mean it’s wind proof – tested in upper Swaledale!

This is a beautifully knitted unisex beanie and can be purchased with or without a heather coloured bobble. Ideal for a sundowner G&T on a Swaledale moor!